Political Cover

In order to run a program like LifeLine for a extended period of time you will likely need some political cover. Most likely much more than the typical “war on drugs”, and “save the children” rhetoric.

Let me introduce you to Robert B. Hansen.

Robert B. Hansen was the Registered Agent, and board member for Life-Line, inc. from 1990-1999. It appears they then had a falling out, and he sued them over some kind of pay dispute. He appears to have lost.

Robert B. Hansen was also the Former Attorney General of Utah. Which comes with all sorts of deep political ties, connections, and friendships. Certainly hard for any sort of law enforcement or attorney to go after something the Former Attorney General of the State is involved in.

One would have to question the ethics of someone who got involved with this program as it was renaming itself to escape the bad press and scrutiny that the KIDS of Salt Lake City program had been under. But it certainly helps explain why similar scrutiny did not follow them post renaming.

It really makes you wonder what kind of protection he brought them, and what sort of connections and friends the program made through him. Since they continue to operate to this day, I think it is relatively safe to assume that whatever they were, they were deep, meaningful, and long lasting.

Below are copies of Life-Line’s annual reports for the named years. I am not positive, but from my research it is my understanding that in years when there was no change to the board, registered agent, etc. there is no requirement to file a annual report. This may account for some years not having an annual report on record.

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