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Life-Line, Inc 501(c)(3) 990 Tax Records back to 2001. Please keep in mind they usually file them several years later. That website often labels the year incorrectly, open the PDF itself to see the actual tax year.

Podcasts about LifeLine survivors experiences:

Listen to a LifeLine survivor tell about her experience on episode 8 of the Surviving Straight Inc Podcast Part 1

An interview with a LifeLine survivor, listen to his story on episode 10 of the Surviving Straight Inc Podcast Part 1

Episode 12 of the Surviving Straight Podcast is with another LifeLine survivor. As with the previous episodes, names and dates withheld because LifeLine uses the legal system to threaten survivors

Newspaper Articles:

Tough Treatment For Problem Juveniles Under Investigation

Man Claims He was Beaten, Held Against will at Youth Center

Life-Line Inc., gets Permit

Life-Line Program hits 11th year

Teen Program opens Family Living Center

New life for teen addicts

Cache Community Rejects Teen Facility

10 reasons to kick addictions

Teenagers triumph over drugs

First Lady striving to put Utah teens on the right path

Couple started KIDS program to help treat son’s addiction

Families turn to ‘KIDS’ to get teens off drugs

‘Way Home’ isn’t easy for young addicts

Lifeline tries to keep positives to help kids

KIDS program faces new charges in Utah

Third party’s page on LifeLine

Many of the following links are not specifically about Lifeline, but about it’s predecessor programs, Straight Inc and KIDS, as well as other programs and facilities in the Troubled Teen Industry.


Help at Any Cost

The Dead Inside

We Can’t Be Friends

Institutionalized Persuasion

The Body Keeps the Score

Surviving Bethel

Dead, Insane, or in Jail: A CEDU Memoir

Dead, Insane, or in Jail: Overwritten


Fix My Kid

The Last Stop

This is Paris

Over the GW

Aaron Bacon


Surviving CEDU


Kidnapped for Christ

Children of Darkness

Suburbia’s Dirty Little Secret Youtube

Project Straight Ink Youtube

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Abuse of Youth in Residential Treatment

Surviving Straight Inc Youtube

WWASP Survivors Youtube

Exposing Circle of Hope Youtube

The Group

The Family School

Restraint and death of Cornelius Fredricks at a teen facility

Pieces of Victory

The Handmaid’s Tale captures the feelings of being in a program.


Joe VS Elan School

Troubled Teens Reddit

Surviving Straight Inc.

The Straights

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report

HEAL and their Program List

A Interview with Marcus Chatfield


WWASP Survivors

Pathway Family Center Truth



Exposing The System

The Program

Surviving Straight Inc