I was only 14…

I was sent to lifeline on christmas eve of 2020…yeah you can imagine the amount of pain I was already feeling. I was sent after my 3rd suicide attempt that year. Once I was admitted the staff immediately did what they call a “shake down” they had me completely undress as 2 staff searched every inch of my body, they even had me squat and cough like in prison. I remember crying my eyes out for hours after. I was sent to lifeline after I was raped.. they knew this information yet did not respect my physical boundaries.
In lifeline I was also physically assaulted by two older girls, which they never disclosed to my mother… This is insanely illegal. They claimed I couldn’t tell my parents and threatened me with legal action since telling my mom would break “hippa law” Again I was only 14… I had no idea this wasn’t true. I remember having bruises all over my body after and received no medical care, but was told to “shut my mouth”
They also heavily medicated me as a form of control, I was too outspoken for them . I was on 5 different medications by the time I left, my pediation almost lost their mind when they found this out and referred me to a withdrawal program. I felt ill and sick for months due to this, many medical professionals since have told me I was overmedicated way to young.

Honestly, I feel scared to disclose anymore… So I wont… but let me tell you… this place is hell. Its a prison for children. I pray for all the kids that went there every night, I still scream in horror from the nightmares.

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